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Narad or commonly known as Narad Muni was glorified as one of the great speakers of perpetual truth and is most travelled person. Narad is the follower of Lord Vishnu and son of god Brahma, and is widely famous of creating fights, gossiping facts and spreading rumors. His teachings are narrated in famous books like Narad Puran and Padma Puran. He is also known as divine messenger and has performed some incredible tasks on behalf of lord Vishnu. A temple of Narad is located in Karnataka and is a holy place and a scenic place to visit.

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Importance of worshipping Narad in our life

Narad Puran is read by devotees of Narad Muni to grant worldly pleasures and is said to have achieved life’s purpose. Narad puja is performed by devotees fasting and chanting religious mantras. Performing pujas is a minutes of matter. You can order pujas, panditji and puja saman online from our website in a very easy way.

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