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Mangal is the name of Mars the red planet also known as Angaraka or Bhauma. He teaches mystical science and rules over signs Aries and Scorpio. Mangal has traits of self confidence with ego, heroism, adventure with anger and impulsiveness. He is known to be the god of wars and rules over blood. Planets of Jupiter, Moon and Sun are friendly with him and Mangal is worshipped on Tuesday. As per legend, once Lord Shiva on his dwelling at Mount Kailas was involved in his meditation when three drops of perspiration or sweat ran over his forehead and fell on earth. From these drops an infant was born with red complexion and had four arms, he was named Bhauma because he was brought up by Bhumi (earth). The same Bhauma is established as planet Mangal in the solar system.

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Importance of worshipping Mangal in our life

Worshipping Lord Mangal reprieve one from enemies, debts and poverty. It gives relief with the skin ailments. Mangal puja has to be performed on a Tuesday, devotees need to wear red clothes and red flowers and red masoor daal are offered to the god. Devotees also follow fast of 21 days before the puja, chanting of holy mantras Om Ang Angarkaya Namaha is done at the time of puja. Order puja and puja samagri online from our website. Our pundits will perfrom pujas, hawans ina very devotional way to make you lead to a successful and prosperous life.

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