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God Brihaspati has godly characteristics and holds a lotus and beads and a stick and presides over Thursday. As per mythology god Brihaspati is known to be the son of Agni and is the guru of gods, also known as “Dev-Guru”. He is noted for teaching asuras (rakshas) for a period of ten years pretending to be Shukracharya. God Brihaspati is known to the god of destiny and in Sanskrit it means defeating enemies. He rules over planet Jupiter and a good Jupiter in astrology means successful work, higher education, kindness, good relations.etc. Brihaspati also represents knowledge and wisdom in an individual and is good to worship the god on a Thursday.

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Importance of worshipping Brihaspati in our life

Worshiping God will provide devotees with relief from liver related diseases, stomach ailments, obesity, and high cholesterol.etc. He indicates wealth, luck, fame, successful professions, spirituality, sibling love and faith. Material required for Brihaspati puja are – fruits, leaves, water, incense sticks, lamp and oil, sandal wood paste, mat and yellow flowers. Order puja saman, panditji online from our website.

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