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Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan Puja MuhurtMaza performed Satyanarayan at Glodmine advertising Pvt.Ltd Pune. Yajman was delighted to quality of experience. Quote from Customer “We got to know about from one of our vendor who has already had blissful experience of puja performed at his office.” Number of Pandits: 1 | Duration: 1 hrs | Samagree: Yes | Language: Marathi Book [...]

Griha Pravesh & Ganesh Homa

Griha Pravesh & Ganesh Homa Performed by MuhurtMaza Mr. Kuppuswami Goindrajan who shifted to Pune few year before bought a new house. Before moving to new house he wanted to perform Griha pravesh (House warming) Puja along with Ganesh Homa. However, he was not sure how to arrange a south Indian Pandit, get required [...]

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement Ceremony Performed by MuhurtMaza Mr Amyea got engaged and decided to invite all his friends and relatives in Pune to perform a engagement ceremony. However, being migrate in a city he was not sure about how to arrange a trusted Guruji, Samagree, Muhurt for the same. He learned about Muhurtmaza. He downloaded Muhurtmaza app [...]

Bhoomi Pujan

Bhoomi Pujan Performed by MuhurtMaza Rajesh Kamdamwar decided to start a new hotel near Kahdaki in Pune. He found out a land and decided to perform a Bhoomi pujan before he starts the construction works. He learned about Muhurtmaza and booked a Puja with convenience. Experienced Guruji and Complete Samagree with reasonable Dakshina made Rajesh [...]

Vastu Shanti Puja

Vastu Shanti Puja Performed by MuhurtMaza Says Dr Priya Dhokte Gumaste, a Mumbai resident, who got to know about Muhurt Maza from a booklet given to her by the builder from whom she bought a flat in Hinjewadi: "I wanted to host the Vastu Shanti puja at my new flat on November 18, but [...]