With fast-paced lifestyle constricting urbanites to follow religious rituals, online portal and mobile application MuhurtMaza is on call

Every Hindu home in urban set-up religiously want to follow traditional rituals but fall short of time. Their lives revolve around elaborate religious and spiritual ceremonies with a pandit being the central figure. But nuclear families and fast-paced lifestyles has turned arranging these rites more a hassle than anything else. The metro generation would like to perform these ceremonies but it has become increasingly difficult to find bhatjis (priests) and collect puja materials.

MuhurtMaza offers a complete package for puja at the click of a button. An online portal and mobile application, MuhurtMaza provides puja essentials (Samagree) along with bhatji or guruji on the date of your choice, right at the doorstep. The online facility also provides auspicious dates (muhurat) for conducting puja. Apart from offering over 140 different types of rituals, one also has the option of customising puja, depending on language or tradition.

The Android and iOS app of MuhurtMaza was launched in September and have already organised and performed more than 150 pujas in two months.

Founder Sughosh Sowale found this sector extremely unorganised with young professionals settling in Pune facing a stressful time organising pujas at home and domestic functions.

MuhurtMaza faced initial opposition after its launch in 2014. “Although youngsters were all for this idea owing to its convenience, the elders were skeptical since it was not the traditional method,” Sughosh said. With time, the concept got acceptance and gained popularity through word of mouth.

The founder said that MuhurtMaza was conceptualised in 2012 but could not take off as e-commerce boom had not yet hit the market. “It was difficult to get bhatjis earlier. Now, pandits themselves want to register to offer their services at MuhurtMaza and we have 300 priests on board,” he said.

The online facility have an effective method to screen priests. “We have a panel of three experts who go through the detailed bio-data of applicants before hiring them. All bhatjis are presently hired on freelance basis,” Sughosh said. MuhurtMaza has gained popularity in the past six months. NRIs who visit India lead their client list, along with working individuals. “These religious ceremonies constitute approximately $30 billion market in India. We offer services in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad and Kolhapur and plan to cover another 20 cities in the next couple of months.

“We plan to tie up with temples for customers who do not have the time to perform puja at the religious place,” he said.

Source: The Golden Sparrow, 19 Dec 2015