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Satyavinayak Puja is performed to worship Lord Ganesh. It is known that Satyavinayak Puja is performed first in awe of Lord Ganesh before any other ceremony or ritual is performed. This is because Lord Ganesh is known as Vighnahar, which means he removes all hurdles which comes in the way of achieving anything. Satyavinayak Puja with essential puja saman can be booked online. This puja is especially performed during Ganesh Chaturthi or VaishakhPournima. The Satyavinayak Puja is performed by some people with 100 suparis. Usually sheera (sweet) is prepared to serve the devotees at the time of puja. Chanting of arti and mantras is performed during the puja.

No of Pandit(s) : 1  | Duration : 1:30 hrs
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Benefits of Satyavinayak

Satyavinayak Pooja brings peace and prosperity

All desires of the devotee are fulfilled

It removes any obstacles from any fortunate occurrence

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Samagree items for Satyavinayak

  • Coconut  – 2
  • Kumkum  –  1 cup
  • Turmeric powder – 1 cup
  • 5 kinds of Fruits
  • Betel nuts – 20
  • Panchamrutham (milk, honey, yogurt, ghee and sugar)
  • Flowers   –   4 bunches
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Muhurt for Satyavinayak in 2016

Upcoming Muhurt Dates
29/01/2016 01/02/2016 05/02/2016
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