MuhurtMaza is a first-of-its-kind initiative to deliver the complete package of Puja/Vidhi/Yagya/Shanti with samagri, supported by trusted Gurujis, right at your doorstep. Forget the time-consuming planning and shopping for your Pujas and other traditions, hunting for the right Guruji, just book the entire package with a single click. Muhurtmaza provides all kinds of Puja listings, samagri  essentials and of course, authentic and learned Guruji for about a 140+ varieties of ‘Vidhis’ under 6 different categories. Be it a ‘Maharudra’ or ‘Satyanarayan Puja’, book with us online.

Our Approach

Our efforts are focused on providing services in a timely and organized fashion. Our Gurujis have undergone appropriate education to lend pure quality to all the Pooja/Yagnya/Vidhi/Shanti that are listed with us.
Our honest approach is to help people while preserving their traditions which takes us forward in our mission. Our services spell trust in order to ensure satisfaction for our yajman.
Harmony and brotherhood practiced by our teams are infectious. They are so much a part of us that it would be hard to remain untouched by the same. The team will help you lead through all the difficulties while performing customized Yagna/Vidhi.

How MuhurtMaza helping customers

Meet Our Team

Sughosh Sowale
Sughosh SowaleFounder & CEO
Nilesh Gudhe
Nilesh GudheCTO

Our Value Proposition

Frequently Asked Questions today has 140+ pujas listed and the number is growing as we expand to cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur. Customers approach us for rituals ranging from birth anniversary to wedding and even demise. Most of them ask for package pujas. The website provides them with the details of each puja and its significance, the suggested auspicious time, pandit and the samagri required for each. The customers can select and book the puja online and also make online payments. We also provide them with the option to pay the guruji in case they want to retain the experience of giving the dakshina to the pandit who performed the puja. To get into the detail, the most important offering from our business is its regional specification. We help a customer perform the puja in a specific language or according to specific regional stipulations.We are committed to our customers towards bringing in the best-in-class services for them to have a fulfilling experience.
We have done extensive research on the general puja pricing, material cost, fees and more. As an outcome of this research, we have set the pricing to an optimum level to ensure that the customer and the priest are not duped in any way. Today, the costing of the pujas offered by MuhurtMaza is affordable and in sync with the current dakshina in any city. Our puja prices are city specific, which means for the same puja the price can change based upon the city it is being performed in.
We have a panel of three experienced and well versed gurujis with us; each of whom has an experience of minimum 25 years. They take care of enrolling pandits and bringing them on board. To be entirely assured, we also conduct personal interactions with each pandit who has been hired, to gather information about their experience, knowledge and references through a thorough interview process. At the same time, we educate them on the MuhurtMaza processes. Once both the parties are in agreement with the policies, we have a formal form filling and registration process and the guruji becomes a member of the MuhurtMaza family.
Muhurtmaza is currently offering Services in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore , Hyderabad, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad &  Kolhapur.
We accept payment through online payment gateway. However customer can Pay to Guruji’s/ Pandits also .